Remembering Those Who Perished During The 2020 Holocaust

Imagine if the Holocaust happened in 2020…

Jews would be on social media showing off their designer Nike and Puma sandals as they were loaded up onto the trains.

Telling each other not to be afraid, because the government cares about them and is providing free transport, accommodation and food for their health. And free showers to treat that pesky lice epidemic that’s going around.

Shaming others that don’t put on their sandals and get on the trains. Telling them that they’re endangering the well-being of others and couldn’t possibly know more than the educated doctors and government officials.

This is the people of the Covid Generation, flaunting their designer masks, with their blind trust in authority and government. Begging for their vaccinations. Shutting down their businesses and destroying the livelihood of their family and others. Wilfully complying until their Final Solution.

People in 2060 will go to museums and public memorials to look at all the masks and mourn those that perished.

Like the sandals on the banks of the Danube.

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