Citadella Budapest Love Locks

Citadella, Budapest 2020

Testing out the new Canon 90d for low light shooting. This camera has performed beautifully for video and low light / night photography so far. These couple of photos were taken at the Citadella in Buda, overlooking the Danube and Pest. Citadella...

What A Xmas All-U-Can-Eat Taught Me…

As usual, I go into a holiday expecting the best of people (and myself), only to discover the worst… And setting myself up for the biggest lesson in 2020. This year, to try accommodate the eating habits of everyone in my party (hypocrite mistake #1...

Angry Birds

“The Thinker”

Portraits of chickens at Rachel’s grandparent’s smallholding. These chickens seemed particularly angry on the day. Perhaps they just don’t like their photo being taken without consent or a release form.

Country Girl

Featuring Réka, and her dog, Bozontos (Shaggy). Portrait photography has always been a passion, so it’s been great getting back behind the camera and capturing those special moments. Shooting natural girls in natural settings is always a...

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