The pursuit of truth and debunking the nonsense of the mainstream propaganda perpetuated by most mainstream institutions.

Inbetweeners Are The New Heroes.

As we move closer to a Dystopian society, the value of “The Inbetweeners” becomes immeasurable. The Inbetweeners are those who are willing to take the vaccine and operate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Those willing to wear the...

It’s Time To Prepare!

Hello everyone… I’ve seen enough warning signs to know that we’re not getting out of this second wave lightly. Having a high IQ means you’re good at pattern recognition. Well, the patterns and signs are clear. Things are...

Compassion For The Awakening

My awakening started in 2015 and took years of education and personal, psychological and spiritual work. Including two years of regular therapy. It certainly wasn’t quick, or easy. So we as the awake need to exercise more compassion and...

the 5 stages of truth

The 5 Stages Of Truth

The 5 Stages Of Grief/Truth: DenialAngerBargaining (or control)DepressionAcceptanceProsperity/Solutions (I’ve added the 6th) Waking up to the truth of our reality is a painful process, akin to the 5 stages of grief. You can read more about these...

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