Compassion For The Awakening

My awakening started in 2015 and took years of education and personal, psychological and spiritual work. Including two years of regular therapy. It certainly wasn’t quick, or easy.

So we as the awake need to exercise more compassion and patience for those just starting the process. We understand the pain, isolation and stages of grief (anger, depression etc) that one goes through.

And people today are experiencing this in fast forward, with the madness levels having been ramped up exponentially.

This is more a personal reminder to self. I know I can go at it hard on social media, because I believe that is what’s necessary to jolt people and get through their programming and wake them up. Tough love and hard truths.That’s what worked for me. But everyone is wired differently, so we also need to focus more on compassion and solutions, as people have enough shame and fear to deal with.

Ultimately this is each person’s individual journey, and none of our responsibility. But as compassionate human beings part of the whole, with a love for the whole, we can at least try to make that journey easier for them, as others have done for us.

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