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Dear Friends And Family… I Need Your Help (Vegan Alert!)

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Dear Friends and Family

We all go through numerous phases of evolution during our lives – each person has their own individual path and journey.

Mine is currently taking me down the road of Veganism, as you have probably seen by now (I’ll try not to force it down your throat and get all high and mighty on you). And no, this isn’t based on a few YouTube videos, but rather books, research and investigation.
YouTube certainly helps in introducing one to new concepts, but these should always be fully researched and explored with an open mind and without bias.

While I haven’t yet put it into practice completely (and am not sure whether I will or won’t at this stage), the movement certainly has a valid case in both terms of ethics and health. The ethical case against the murder / mistreatment of animals is certainly undeniable.

In order to to get a complete picture regarding the health side of things, I would like to ask you for your help. While I am able to find lots of research-based literature that supports the case for Veganism being best for one’s health, I am unable to find the same for meat and the consumption of animal products (when compared to a plant-based diet).

I am kindly asking for your help regarding suggestions for books that make a strong case for keeping meat and animal products in one’s diet that are based on (and have references for) science and evidence-based research, and where a solely plant-based diet would fall short in terms of nutrition and health.

In return, I promise not to force Veganism down your throat because it is a very “hippy woo woo” concept initially and I fucking hated vegans until very recently myself (we always fight something that goes against everything we know or believe).

Thank You! And thank you to the animals that have to suffer in order for me to continue eating meat while I am on my journey. I am aware and I am grateful!

(P.S. If you haven’t watched the documentary “Earthlings” yet, I highly suggest you check it out, if you’re a believer in truth. If you like a cushy, comfortable life where you don’t put too much thought into the consequence of your actions, then you should probably NOT watch it.)

This post was taken from my original Facebook posting, which you are free to comment on.

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