2020 Best VS Worst Year Ever

How To Ascend Out Of The Hellhole That Is 2020

2020 is simply a reflection of the global collective.

A representation of where humanity is at.

It is easy to ascend and discover more valuable experiences and meaning in life.

To ascend and leave the 2020 dystopia, all you need, are the following traits:

Truth, logic, wisdom, intuition, spirituality, courage, love, creation, health, nature, connection, honesty, discernment, self-governance 

To remain in 2020 consciousness and purgatory, keep embracing the following:

Consumerism, materialism, apathy, fear, ego, ignorance, religion, politics, scientism, envy, authority, obedience, self-deception, news, television, distraction

Salvation. Or. Purgatory.

2020 was a GREAT year or a year of HELL.

2021 is going to be GREAT. OR. HELL.


Everyone is capable of change and goodness.

Fight it. Embrace it. It’s up to you!

Do the right or wrong thing. FREE WILL.

You will see how the universe rewards you.

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