Pilgrim Of Life

The following poem was written by a friend and is worthy of being published, as a testament to the times we live through today.

Pilgrim Of Life By Cormac Fox

You are a Pilgrim Of Life
Walking your own unique path
Moving constantly forward
Undisturbed by the pack.

Pleasure and comfort
Line your destiny’s road
But one look at their faces
And a great despair is told.

Head in their phones
Not aware of the joy
That surrounds them each moment
Because of their flashy new toy.

Determination and focus
Keep you straight on your road
With support of the universe
You can dare to be bold.

The bigger the dream
The more help you receive
Fearless faith always wins
Don’t let yourself be deceived.

All obstacles vanish
As you approach them in peace
Non-Resistance and poise
God’s favorite lessons to teach.

Unmoved by appearances
Therefore appearances move
You are divine and so worthy
With nothing to prove.

Life isn’t a test
But a beautiful ride
With the joyful feelings along the way
The first prize.

The thrill of the process
With no end in sight
Feeling life force flow through you
What an eternal delight.

So follow your bliss
It’s your only task
I’ll see you in heaven
Fully alive with no mask.