What A Xmas All-U-Can-Eat Taught Me…

As usual, I go into a holiday expecting the best of people (and myself), only to discover the worst… And setting myself up for the biggest lesson in 2020.

This year, to try accommodate the eating habits of everyone in my party (hypocrite mistake #1 – sacrificing morals to appease the mass), I elected to not cook a plant-based dinner at home, but rather take everyone to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The intention (hypocrite mistake#2 – intention does not equal right action) was to not impose my morals on others, but let them be and enjoy themselves by having a full selection of what they prefer to eat, moral or immoral.

The Results:

Abandoning my morals and principles(hypocrite mistake #3) and participating in the death-cult ritual of animal slaughter by eating fish. My justification? “Fish are just dumb animals that go bloop bloop bloop in the water and don’t feel as much pain as cows and pigs when they’re caught and killed.”

I watched people queue up (repeatedly) and stack their plates high with at least one animal’s worth of flesh (cow/sheep/pig/fish/etc) on their plate, knowing (foreshadowing) that they wouldn’t be able to keep that amount of food down. (gluttony in 4K vision)

Next, going to the toilet and watching aforementioned gluttons purging and vomiting on the floor, the puke and food chunks getting caught up in their hair. Either from eating too much, or to make space for the next plate.

Then, observing the inhumanity of a worker having to mop up the puke, bile and disgust of these gluttons, to receive a paltry minimum-wage paycheck to support their family.

Only to dream of the same food that these gluttons purge themselves of, with their heads buried in the bowl of a toilet.

Seriously, what has this world become? That we sit back and allow this? Even worse, participate and support this. Every dollar/euro/forint we spend is a vote of support. (hypocrite mistake #4)

I have never felt so horrified and disgusted (with humanity, and myself too – hypocrite mistake #5) being in a restaurant. The aura of death, gluttony, disgust and hypocrisy (they “love animals” if you asked them) has never been so more prevalent.

Every ticket we buy, is a stamp of approval on this death culture. It’s so disturbing, I can’t even stop the teardrops of sadness splashing on my keyboard as I type this. (hypocrite mistake #6).  I am so sad when I look at the future of this world and how oblivious people are to the destruction that’s currently going on around them.

As not to end this on a bleak note… My Xmas night before was spent with a family that knows nothing but unconditional love, non-judgement and non-materialism. Something that has been mostly foreign to me my whole life up until now. That is a warmth that even gluhwein cannot provide.

But they (like most that I know) are also corrupted with mainstream brainwashing and propaganda.

While I can feel the warmth, love and authenticity in their souls, I see straight through the conditioning and mind control.

The conundrum… (final hypocrite mistake #777). How do you give yourself to someone that accepts you as you are unconditionally, with a pure heart. Yet you perpetually expect better of them and yourself? How do you continuously strive to me moral, while simultaneously being fulfilled by the (perceived) immoral (but well-intentioned)?

Boy, I thought 2019 was complicated. 2020 sure is going to be a mind-fucker.

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