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My Work

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The Anarchist's Guide To TRT

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT
A practical guide to safe, affordable and effective testosterone replacement therapy on the black market. Paolo’s first and self-published book.


The TRT Hub Website – TRT For Beginners
A website and YouTube channel to help men suffering with low testosterone take back control of their hormones, their lives and their well-being. 


Flab2Fab is a lifestyle guide to help women battling with weight and health issues get their health, weight and lifestyle under control to a level that gets them happy and accepting their bodies.


Fab2Fit is an advanced guide that helps women enter the world of fitness and optimise their lifestyle habits, designed to help busy women achieve their ideal summer bodies.

Paolo’s Music
All music, DJ mixes, megamixes, radio appearances and original productions created by Paolo, under the alias Cheeky, DJ Cheeky or The Cheeky DJ. - Hungarian Girls

Hungarian Girls Website
A culture and lifestyle website highlighting the diverse beauty of Hungarian girls, with a strong focus on the Hungarian beauty pageant scene.

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