Paolo Broccardo is a content creator and author known for his diverse interests and creative work. He is a full-time homesteader and researcher, and a passionate advocate for a healthy, natural, self-sustaining lifestyle, emphasizing freedom and independence from conventional societal structures. He is also an avid student of the esoteric.

Paolo explores and shares his journey in health, life, photography and music, showcasing his interests and creations in various creative fields. Paolo’s work can be found on YouTube, his blog and numerous other websites.

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The Anarchist's Guide To TRT

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT
A practical guide to safe, affordable and effective testosterone replacement therapy on the black market. Paolo’s first and self-published book.


The TRT Hub Website – TRT For Beginners
A website and YouTube channel to help men suffering with low testosterone take back control of their hormones, their lives and their well-being. 


Flab2Fab is a lifestyle guide to help women battling with weight and health issues get their health, weight and lifestyle under control to a level that gets them happy and accepting their bodies.


Fab2Fit is an advanced guide that helps women enter the world of fitness and optimise their lifestyle habits, designed to help busy women achieve their ideal summer bodies.

Paolo’s Music
All music, DJ mixes, megamixes, radio appearances and original productions created by Paolo, under the alias Cheeky, DJ Cheeky or The Cheeky DJ. - Hungarian Girls

Hungarian Girls Website
A culture and lifestyle website highlighting the diverse beauty of Hungarian girls, with a strong focus on the Hungarian beauty pageant scene.

Latest Posts

The Funky Summer Mix 2024

A one hour vinyl mix of funky house and club classics from the 90s and 2000s. Perfect for the car and the beach. Every track is an anthem. TRACKLISTING 01) Live Element – Be Free02) Karen Ramirez – Looking For Love03) Dave Armstrong – Make Your...

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT

My first book, The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT, is officially out. The book is a guide to self-managed testosterone replacement therapy via the underground black-market. For almost ten years I’ve been running a YouTube channel on the topic...

The Epic Mix

Join DJ Cheeky for an EPIC journey down memory lane covering 25 years of trance and hard dance anthems. Includes many of your favorite dance classics cheekily mashed up with old school bootlegs and acapellas from the 90s and 2000s. Pure dance energy...


The End Of COVID is a FREE online conference and educational experience that starts on 11th July 2023. It features 90+ presentations that expose pandemics for what they really are – a big show and nothing to fear at all. If you’re...

Homestead Life In 2022

2022 was a year of extreme highs and lows on the homestead, ranging from rewarding experiences with volunteers and DIY projects, to the unexpected death of my young dog and a brutal drought. I continue the annual tradition of doing a yearly...

The Cheeky Party

Join Cheeky for a live experiment and dance party as he takes dance classics from the last 30 years and pushes the boundaries of dance music and DJing. No genre is safe.

This IS Cheeky! 2023

The Cheeky Magnum Opus has arrived. Two hours of the best hard house of your life.As technology evolves, so do the mixes. Join Cheeky for the next evolution of dance music as he blends dance anthem classics on four turntables and pioneers the next...

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