The End Of COVID is a FREE online conference and educational experience that starts on 11th July 2023. It features 90+ presentations that expose pandemics for what they really are – a big show and nothing to fear at all.

If you’re interested in understanding the fraud and lies of viruses, vaccines, contagion and germ theory, and would like a better understanding of how health actually works, I recommend checking out The End Of COVID conference.

Understanding your body and how health truly works is not only important for being healthy and avoiding sickness, but at a higher level it’s about empowering yourself and shedding the irrational fears you have about germs, viruses and other scientific frauds that hold your mind hostage.

This conference features many doctors that used to be part of the fraudulent, scientism-based (religious, not scientific) medical system. They learnt the truth about real health and the fraud of the allopathic medical and pharmaceutical system and have been speaking about it since.

This content is for higher-minded people that are able to keep their egos in check and look at new ways of thinking about things without being emotionally triggered. In other words, this content is for adults – not children in adult bodies, which, sadly, is the majority of people today.

Since learning about and understanding how health and disease truly works years ago, I have been healthy and disease free. It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve even had a cold. Not even a sniffle. No pharmaceuticals. No trips to the doctor. All through natural living and healthy lifestyle habits. This anecdote serves as an example as to how understanding health can empower you and greatly improve your quality of life.

If you’re interested in leveling-up your health and life, knowledge is power. The End Of COVID is a great boost in that direction and I highly recommend investing the time in your education. It’s FREE and you’re going to struggle to find this information on the mainstream web as it is heavily censored. All the speakers and talks are listed on their website.

See you in the next “pandemic” psychological mind-control operation – vaccine, mask and fear free, and being the healthiest people in the world.💪👍

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Full-time homesteader, health-nut, researcher and truth seeker. Part time DJ, photographer and pain in the butt. "I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!"

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