The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT

My first book, The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT, is officially out. The book is a guide to self-managed testosterone replacement therapy via the underground black-market.

For almost ten years I’ve been running a YouTube channel on the topic of testosterone replacement therapy for beginners and been blogging about it.

Over the last five years, I’ve been evolving to embrace a life of freedom and self-governance and self-sustainability, devoid of the reliance on the corrupt world system and immoral and illegitimate governments.

Adopting a philosophy and lifestyle of Anarchy (which means “no rulers”) was the ultimate result and this book was the natural progression.

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT is a culmination of my experience with TRT and my philosophical growth and pursuit of a freedom-oriented lifestyle.

All information about the book and how to order your copy is available on the book’s official website – Anarchy TRT.

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  • Hi Paolo,

    Your book sounds like a great resource to have. I’ve just started my journey on TrT incidentally with Balance My Hormones. I was just wondering would the information in the book be of any use to me if I’m based in the uk?

    • Hi Steve. Absolutely. It’s applicable almost worldwide. I’ve tried and tested it myself whilst living in the UK. If you’re new to TRT, then I recommend still working with a professional like Balance My Hormones in the beginning to get familiar with the treatment and some experience under your belt. If at a later stage, you feel you’re capable of managing things yourself (for much cheaper) via the black-market, then this book will show you exactly how to do that. All the best with your treatment!

  • Hi Paolo.
    I would love to order and read your book. Can this also be downloaded as an e-book? It would be so much easier and quicker to get the book 🙂

    Thanks & regards,

  • Hi Paolo, Is it possible to buy this book in Spain?
    Thera are not good Trt doctors in my country.
    I think the best idea is to do things by myself.

    • Hi Fernando. Yes, the book ships to most countries, including Spain. The book also contains information and many other resources that you can use to design and manage your own treatment.

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