The Best Uplifting Trance Anthems Ever (Vinyl Mix)

When life gets you down, uplifting trance anthems get you up!
My first vinyl mix come straight from the heart.

Don’t let the Rona get you down. Sit back and let good music guide you to the truth and salvation.

1) Synaesthesia (En-Motion Matrix remix) – The Thrillseekers
2) Destination Sunrise – Balearic Bill
3) Shine – The Space Brothers
4) Holding On (Lange remix) – DJ Manta
5) Madagascar (Cygnus X remix) – Art Of Trance
6) Fiji (original mix) – Atlantis, Avatar
7) Take Me To The Clouds Above – LMC
8) Alive (Matt Darey remix) – Heliotropic
9) Beachball – Nalin And Kane
10) Cream (Paul Van Dyk remix) – Blank & Jones
11) Gouryella (original mix) – Gouryella
12) Bullet In The Gun – Planet Perfecto
13) Orinoco’s Groove (club mix) – Orin Co

You can download the mix using the player below.
This mix is also available to listen on MixCloud.

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Full-time homesteader, health-nut, researcher and truth seeker. Part time DJ, photographer and pain in the butt. "I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!"

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