Cheeky – DJ Set At The Gallery 2002

Cheeky - Live At The Gallery 2002

THROWBACK: DJ Cheeky (Paolo Broccardo) Hardhouse set at the Gallery, in Cape Town, South Africa, 2002.

Tracks include:

  • Signum – What you got for me
  • Miss Shiva – Dreams (Paul Glazby mix)
  • Straight Boy Vs Karim – My Mum Likes It Hard
  • R.A.F – We’ve Got To Live Together (bootleg)
  • Ian Van Dahl – Reason
  • Dirt Devils – The Drill
  • Dyewitness – Only If I Had One More (AMOS mix)
  • Guyver – Serious Sound
  • Arome – Hands Up (Dj Scot Project Remix)
  • Jonah – Ssst…Listen (Cheeky’s bootleg mix)

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  • heres to good music amazing trips and even better memories. to the first guy who really noticed me… all the best i will always smile when i triggered a memory with you in it, xxxxxxx thank you for that.

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