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Episode 11

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Face it… Tidy Trax produced some of the best dance music ever. Period. So it’s about time we pay tribute and revisit the anthems of the past.

If you were around during the rave scene of the late 90’s, this is sure to bring back some memories. P.L.U.R.

01) Travel – Bulgarian
02) Signum- – What Ya Got 4 Me
03) Hyperlogic – U Got The Love
04) Jon The Dentist and Ollie Jay – Imagination (Untidy Dub)
05) Dave Holmes – Samsara
06) Heaven’s Cry – Till Tears Do Us Part

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You can listen to the mix and download it directly by clicking the player above, or via MixCloud below (and view the track-listing).

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Please note: Mixcloud is going to start charging to listen to mixes soon, so just get the mix for free here on my website from now on.

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    • Volume 2 is done and will be posted next week. It’s a bitch to try and find and buy these tracks. Tidy have removed most of their music from all stores.

      Also, I mix my mixes without headphones, just using the mouse and keyboard with Traktor. I left my controller in the UK and am still deciding between Traktor S4 MK3 and the Denon Prime 4. But for now, I can do just fine using my eyes and the waveforms in Traktor.

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Episode 11