Everybody 2021

Sometimes I like to put together “theme” mixes where I’ll pick a topic and find tracks related to that topic. Today’s topic is “Everybody”. A niche Cheeky mix, using only tracks with “everybody” in the title. For everybody. Download on my website as...

Dangerous House 1995-2020 – The Cheeky Mix

Dedicated to Fi$h (Francois Rossouw), who is no longer with us. Fi$h and I lived Gangsta’s Paradise when it came out. We were 15, and super gangsta, as you can see in the pic. But now, back to the mix… Time to get a bit nostalgic and revisit...

The Cheeky Mix 2019

The Cheeky Mix 2019

Our last mix for 2019, sending out the year with the latest booty bangers I could find in the charts. I wish you all a happy 2019 celebration and YUGE 2020! I have a hunch 2020 is going to be a milestone year. Be safe. Be prepared. Do good. Have fun...

Cheeky - Live At The Gallery 2002

Cheeky – DJ Set At The Gallery 2002

THROWBACK 17 years: DJ Cheeky (Paolo Broccardo) hardhouse set at the Gallery, in Cape Town, South Africa, 2002. WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted. My personal selection of hardhouse anthems that still sends shivers up the spine. This was my...

Tomorrowland 2019 Revisited

Take a trip back and revisit the best dance anthems of Tomorrowland 2019. We open with the funky classics and quickly move to the anthems. The best selection of Tomorrowland 2019. Free download. Enjoy! And the next time you’re at a festival...

tidy trax resurrected

Tidy Trax Resurrected Vol 1

Face it… Tidy Trax produced some of the best dance music ever. Period. So it’s about time we pay tribute and revisit the anthems of the past. If you were around during the rave scene of the late 90’s, this is sure to bring back some...

New School VS Old School Volume 1

A selection from 3 decades of dance. Dance music has been evolving since the 90’s. 30 years of music gives us an abundance of classics to choose from, both new and old. Old people like to demonise and look down on the youth and the music of...

Summer House Anthems 2017 - Mixed By Paolo Broccardo aka Cheeky

Summer House Anthems 2017

Summer House Anthems 2017. This Summer’s hottest house anthems, featuring ATFC, Roland Clark, Antoine Clamaran, Jamiroquai, Croatia Squad and more. Download Link: Summer House Anthems 2017 You can also listen to this mix and all my mixes at...

The Cheeky Mix – May 2017

This month’s selection of best banging house, mixed the Cheeky way.
Download Link: The Cheeky Mix – May 2017
You can also listen to this mix and all my mixes at any time on My Page

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